Purple Make-up and black balloons!

Nelspruit photo studio, Mac professional make-up artist

I recently had the pleasure of taking pictures during a fun and creative studio photo shoot for a 21st birthday. I placed an order for one HUGE balloon with a surprise inside and some black balloons for some drama. Purple eye shadow, a plum lip, and strong makeup were the choices made by my makeup artist to give us that pop of colour!

We started by setting up a studio with a simple grey backdrop, which was ideal for showing the purple cosmetics and black balloons. After experimenting with various lighting configurations, we decided to use the elinchrom beauty dish to create a dramatic and fashionable appearance that complimented the entire theme.

We experimented with various stances and facial expressions throughout the photo shoot to capture the model’s spirit and individuality. We were able to create spontaneous fun images when our client popped the BIG balloon!

In general, this photo shoot was an innovative and enjoyable way to mark a 21st birthday. Black balloons, striking professional makeup, and purple eye shadow all worked together to create a distinctive and eye-catching look that perfectly portrayed the model’s enthusiasm and personality. It was a pleasure for me as a photographer to take part in this quirky and unique shoot! 

Nelspruit Make-up artist: https://edgebeautysa.co.za